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Trex Fence Advantage

Trex Fence Systems

Since Trex Fencing was first introduced in 2005, the world’s leading manufacturer of outdoor building products has been the choice for customers that want to step outside their back door into a private oasis surrounded by a beautiful, low-maintenance fence.

A good privacy fence starts with a sturdy post. Trex posts are made of a dense wood-plastic composite (WPC) and have thick wall which allows the fence to withstand tremendous force from wind. The fence posts sink into a concrete footer without needing any reinforcement except for gate hinge posts and fences taller than 8 ft. Since the fence can be built over 6 feet tall, we offer posts as tall as 12 ft. to ensure we get the proper depth.

The rest of the fence was carefully designed to balance aesthetics with function. Most people buy a fence for security or privacy reasons, but there’s no reason that these purposes should require a fence to be ugly or boring. The Trex design goes much further than mere functionality. Every component is made to provide an attractive finish and a strength-contributing element at the same time. The bottom rail is reinforced with an engineered aluminum rail and covered by composite fence boards to match the rest of the fence. The pickets sit inside a channel in the aluminum rail and interlock. The T-shaped top rail sits over the pickets securing the fence panel and providing an attractive cap-and-trim shadow line. Lastly, post caps complete the fence giving the posts a decorative flair.


Benefits of a Trex Fence

There are a myriad of reasons Trex composite fencing is uniquely beneficial for our customers. Some of the most important attributes of Trex as a backyard fence are:

  • Fully private. Trex is the ultimate privacy fence. The interlocking pickets do not allow gaps to occur. Whether you are putting your Trex fence up around a pool or hot tub, or you just need to make sure no one can see into your backyard, a Trex fence gives you that peace of mind.
  • Neighbor-friendly. The fence looks the same on both sides. There is no exposed structural framing.
  • Long-lasting. Trex material is made from a dense composite. It will not rot and insects won’t eat it. The thickness of the components makes it highly resistant to high winds and damage.
  • Exquisitely designed. There is no other fence that looks like a Trex fence. The pickets create depth and attractive shadow lines. The top and bottom rails create a picture frame appearance. The matching posts and caps give the entire fence a natural look. Your Trex fence will accentuate your landscaping and turn heads.
  • Environmentally friendly. The 95% recycled content in Trex composite fencing makes it the most sustainable fence material. Go green with Trex.
  • Protected by warranty. Trex is the largest outdoor living brand. Since the early 1990’s, the company has led the market with innovative products that have lasted their full warranty period giving you assurance against manufacturing defects that can manifest over time.