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Pool Fence Advantage

Superior Fence & Rail is your most experienced and trusted pool fence company


Each year in the United States, 300 children under the age of five will drown in backyard pools.  That is a staggering statistic, which we must thoughtfully address. By designing and installing pool fences, which not only completely enclose pools, but offer self-closing and self-latching pool gates, Superior Fence & Rail will help keep your family pool safe.  Did you know that some communities have additional safety requirements for pools, both in-ground and above? Precautions are put in place to not only protect your family, but also your neighbors. Young children are curious and they can move out of sight in a few seconds’ time.  Don’t take chances with an inadequate pool fence. 

Choose the best pool fence company for your home and family 

With Superior Fence & Rail pool fences, you can be assured that your fence meets local codes and community safety standards.  An effective pool fence is one that creates a permanent and non-removable barrier between your family and the pool or spa that it protects.  Your pool fence should be non-climbable and should keep any child from being able to pass through, over, or under to gain access to your pool or spa unattended. 


Superior Fence & Rail will provide the best pool safety fence  

Pool safety codes dictate that pool fences must be 48” tall.  Though many believe this to mean that the actual height of the panel should be 48” in height, we know it means something different.  The installed, finished height of your pool safety fence should be 48”. Your Superior pool fence panel will exceed 48” in actual height, so that the installed height will meet or exceed that code.  Additionally, your Superior pool fence will not provide potential hand or footholds, which a child can use to climb over. Vertical pickets will be installed at a maximum of 4” apart, and horizontal support members will be no less than 45” apart.  With wood pool safety fences, the “good side” will either face the inside of the pool area, or if facing outward, horizontal middle and bottom supports will be a minimum of 45” apart. The bottom of your pool fence will not exceed 4” above a solid-surface foundation, or 2” above a malleable surface, such as grass or gravel.



When choosing between pool fence contractors, experience matters


At Superior Fence & Rail, we know that homeowners perform due diligence when choosing a pool fence contractor, as the utmost safety of their family is paramount.  We have been specialty fence contractors for more than 20 years, making us one of the largest and most experienced in the southeast. The safety of your family is also our top priority.   We guarantee the safest, most effective pool fence design, fabrication, and installation for your home.



Choose a professional pool fence builder


When it comes to building a fence around your pool, you want to choose a professional fence builder, who specializes in the industry.  Superior Fence & Rail is a specialty fence builder. Fences are all we do. We will build the fence you want, affordably. Building pool fences is not a job to be left to under-qualified or inexperienced non-specialized builders, handymen, or to be done as a DIY project.  Your Superior pool fence will be professionally built to meet or exceed every safety specification.



We offer a host of pool fencing options for every need


Our wood specification meets Miami-Dade wind codes and is built on-site with galvanized steel fasteners that will not corrode or split the wood.  Our powder-coated aluminum pool fences are constructed to meet local codes, community standards, and your style and functional preferences. We can adjust heights to exceed the standard 48”, as well as picket spacing for added protection.  Your pool fence will be constructed to protect your family, to look beautiful, and to last.



Pool fence financing for your family’s safety now


Pool fences are a necessity, not a luxury.  With our pool fence financing, you don’t have to wait to have your pool fence built later.  We understand that building a pool fence can be an unexpected expense, or an expense that can quickly deplete the family funds.  We work with 13 different lenders, who offer a number of financing options to help with the expense. Don’t hesitate to get the fence you need now.  Take advantage of one of our fantastic financing options, even if your FICO score is as low as 500.



Pool fence installation is a job for Superior Fence & Rail


You can purchase fence panels at a big box store.  You can bring that mass-produced fence product home, and you can even install the fence.  The problem is that non-professional fence installation with a low-quality product is a gamble on your family’s safety – not to mention an unwise investment, which could cost you even more money in the too-near future.  With Superior Fence & Rail pool fence installation, you will have a beautiful, top-quality pool fence, which is properly installed for the safety of your family. We have installed millions of feet of fence in our more than 20 years in the industry.  Call Superior Fence & Rail for Superior fencing and Superior installation.